Assembly machine for middle rail

Assembly machine for external rail

1.Assembly machine for middle rail and outer rail can assemble middle rail and ball cage by rails. Assembly machine for external rail can assembly middle rail and external rail by plastic linear.

2.Two sets of assembly machine can assemble the middle rail and external rail with the ball cage,which changes the original manual assembly way,thus improving the speed of assembly and reducing the labor.

3.Assembly and oiling can be completed once in one machine with high safety and reliability.

4.Body :overall structure of the combination, standard machine surface.

5.Operating board: in the rail,the outer rail feeding the console,the console beads feeding trough.

6.Ball-Entry Device: Automatic beads entry, to control the number of beads.

7.Loading Device: The use of the product conveyor belt reducer to the table.

8.Oiling Device:Automatic oiling on the external rail,to control the oil quantity.

9.Electrical control system:Adopt PLC automatic cycle control,all the procedures of work can be completed once.

10.Pneumatic part: Air pressure was chosen 4 ~ 6KG.

11.Gas and electrical components used with some domestic brand.

12.Grease for automatic compensation for refueling.

Slide oiling machine/ slide automated oiling machine
Main Features:
This equipment is a special machine for adding grease to steel ball slide rail, with high efficiency, even filling and low wear and tear, in the use for humanized design, and the speed of fuel Quantity can be adjusted freely to avoid unnecessary waste of grease that will not pollute the slide rail.

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